General Terms

1. What services does healthpharma.com.bd offer?

healthpharma.com.bd is a holistic healthcare company that home delivers the widest range of medicines through booking online or over the phone. We offer online doctor consultation and sell (OTC) wellness products including herbal products.

2. Do I need a valid prescription to buy medicine?

Yes. You will have to upload a valid prescription to buy medicines via the healthpharma.com.bd website. In case you want to buy wellness products such as skin creams, diabetic footwear, and so forth, a prescription is not required. Medicines requiring prescription have a small Rx mark against them. In case you have misplaced your prescription, our pharmacists help you with your problem & prescription over a call.

3. What are the acceptable payment modes?

You can buy medicines on healthpharma.com.bd via cash on delivery, card payments (Debit/Credit), and other payment wallets such as bKash, Rocket subject to the availability of such services in healthpharma.com.bd. In some geographies, we also offer card machines on delivery.

4. Why is my uploaded prescription rejected?

Your prescription could be rejected due to the following reasons:

1. Values pertaining to dosage not matching with what you have ordered.

2. Prescriptions that have already been stamped for no further usage.

3. If the prescription is more than a year old.

4. If it contains certain Schedule H drugs that we do not dispense, for example sleeping pills. 

5. Can I buy medicines with a foreign prescription?

Yes but, healthpharma.com.bd also delivers medicines in any country.

6. Will healthpharma.com.bd deliver medicine 24*7?

healthpharma.com.bd delivers medicines on all 7 days of the week. Generally, medicines ordered via the healthpharma.com.bd website will be delivered within 24- 48 hours in courier service they take one or more days out of Dhaka city. All our deliveries happen between 7 am to 10 pm.

7. How do I know medicine delivered is genuine or authentic?

We have a traditional practice of buying medicines only from authentic sources and have zero levels of tolerance towards substandard quality. healthpharma.com.bd only procures medicines directly from pharmaceutical companies or the company appointed distributors. Our team of medical experts monitors announcements pertaining to banned medicines and thus we do not sell such products. You can be absolutely assured that at healthpharma.com.bd we only sell medicines from authentic sources & we check for expiry before dispensing.

8. Is it good to buy another medicine listed as a substitute?

It is common practice to substitute a brand for another brand of the same medical salt while dispensing only as long as the composition & strength of the salts are an exact match. Substitutions are helpful when a brand you are searching for is out of stock or when the same composition is selling for a lower price by another brand. All healthpharma.com.bd substitution suggestions have been vetted by expert medical practitioners & we take a sign off from a resident doctor when we substitute any brand.

9. How do I change my address with healthpharma.com.bd?

You can change your address by just editing it while checking out. You can also change your delivery address by simply calling +8801648462005 or 01304419901. You need to do this before your medicine is dispatched.

10. How do I stop healthpharma.com.bd SMS?

All you need to do is simply send a mail to order@healthpharma.com.bd. You can also call us on +8801648462005 or 01304419901.

11. How do I get a healthpharma.com.bd Franchise?

If you want a tie-up with healthpharma.com.bd, you can take a look at our healthpharma.com.bd Franchise Programme. Call +8801648462005 or 01304419901 for more details.

12. Whom do I contact for any queries about my order?

In case you have any queries regarding your order, call +8801648462005 or 01304419901 or write to us order@healthpharma.com.bd

13. In how many locations does healthpharma.com.bd give its service?

Currently, healthpharma.com.bd functions in all Bangladesh.

14. Can I save multiple addresses in my account?

Yes, we have a lot of customers placing orders for themselves & their loved ones who live in different cities. You can add up to more than one different location as a place of delivery.

15. If I have received an expired medicine, how do I return it?

Normally healthpharma.com.bd is very strict in dispensing medicines that are at least 3 months away from expiry. But in the unlikely event of a customer receiving an expired product, you can opt for return by calling +8801648462005 or 01304419901, and our delivery personnel will come to your doorstep within 24 hours and collect it. Your package will be verified against the batch number of the medicine we originally sent & if all matching, we will refund the amount.

16. Do you sell refrigerated products?

Yes, we sell refrigerated products and medicines. These are available in limited areas of cities we service directly.

17. Does healthpharma.com.bd have an offline store?

Yes. We do have physical stores in the country.

18. How can I refer my friends and family to healthpharma.com.bd?

This is a Referral!!

19. How to get in touch with healthpharma.com.bd generally?

For general queries message us and for details regarding your order call +8801648462005 or 01304419901  or email order@healthpharma.com.bd



Medicine Order, Acceptance & Delivery

1. How do I order medicines from healthpharma.com.bd?

healthpharma.com.bd has made ordering medicines fast and all you need to do is to simply follow these three simple steps:

1. Upload a valid prescription

2. Search and add medicines OR get a pharmacist to call you back

3. Confirm order

Don't have a prescription?

Don’t worry, all you need to do is to get a consultation from a healthpharma.com.bd doctor. We also take orders over the phone. Call us on 1860-1234-1234 and our pharmacist will guide you through your order.

2. How is my order processed?

Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation call or SMS from our customer service. Your medicines will be delivered at your doorstep on the delivery time mentioned in your confirmation SMS. We deliver in 24-48 hours in the Dhaka city. Out of Dhaka, we deliver within one or more days. For any order related query, call +8801648462005 or 01304419901.

3. Can I order the same medicine for two different people?

Yes. You can order the same medicine for two different people provided you give valid prescriptions for both.

4. Can I add more addresses for two different orders for different locations?

Yes, you can add more addresses for different orders at different locations provided it is within the boundaries of Bangladesh.

5. Do I have to register on healthpharma.com.bd to order medicine?

Not necessary. But, If you want you can sign up or register with healthpharma.com.bd in order to buy medicines.

6. How to track the order?

Once you have placed your order you will receive SMS updates on your registered mobile number. In order to know the status of your order call +8801648462005 or 01304419901.

7. Can I order medicines without a prescription?

Yes, in case you have misplaced your prescription, our pharmacist help you with prescription over a call. OTC products such as wellness products, herbal products, diabetic footwear, copper bottles, etc. do not require a prescription and can be ordered without a prescription.

8. Can I order medicines from overseas on healthpharma.com.bd?

Yes, you can order your medicine from anywhere in the world. But we currently only deliver medicines in Bangladesh.

9. Whom do I contact for any queries about my order?

In case you have any queries regarding your order call +8801648462005 or 01304419901 or write to us order@healthpharma.com.bd

10. How will the delivery happen?

We have our own delivery personnel who will deliver your order to your doorstep in Dhaka city. If your order has to be delivered outside these cities, then we have tie-ups with third-party delivery organizations- Sundarban courier, S A paribahan & others. We also make sure that cold storage drugs are packed in chilled boxes and transported keeping up with safety regulations in the cities where we deliver ourselves.

11. How are the medicines packaged?

Pharmacists at healthpharma.com.bd package our products in sealed boxes, where clearly you can see if the box has been opened or not. Refrigerated items are packed between ice gel packs to maintain the medicine temperatures in transit. Our packaging methods are in accordance with government norms.

12. If there is a delay in delivery, will someone inform me?

Yes, we will keep you informed by the call or SMS in case there is a delay in processing your order.

13. Do you do same-day delivery?

Yes. In cities where we operate our warehouses, for orders received in the morning, we are able to deliver by evening.

14. Is there a delivery charge on the medicine you purchase?

We charge you a nominal fee. We offer free delivery on medicine orders.

Note: In some cases.

15. What are the acceptable payment modes?

You can buy medicines on healthpharma.com.bd via cash on delivery, card payments (Debit/Credit), and other payment wallets such as bKash, Rocket subject to availability of such services in healthpharma.com.bd.

16. Are there charges/taxes in addition to the prices shown?

Tax or, the charge is applied in BDT. 00.00 %

17. Is it safe to buy medicines using the healthpharma.com.bd website?

Yes. It is totally safe to buy medicines using your healthpharma.com.bd website. It is secure as the payment details are saved on secured servers.


Cancellation, Return & Refund

1. How do I cancel my healthpharma.com.bd order?

It's simple. Call +8801648462005 or 01304419901  for canceling your medicine order placed at healthpharma.com.bd

2. Can I return my order?

You can return your order within 1-2 working days from the time you received your order. However, this may be subjective to certain terms and conditions. Refrigerated products need to be returned within 24 hours and stored at the right temperature in customer homes.

Some certain products (Diapers, insulin, cutting strip, short date of medicine, Injection, surgical items) will not be considered refundable.

3. How do I place a return request?

Call us on +8801648462005 or 01304419901 (Mention order number, sales invoice number name, and reason for return).

NoteYou need to raise a return request within 1-2 working days of product delivery or 24 hours if you wish to return a refrigerated product. Only full strips & unopened bottles will be accepted. Some certain products (Diapers, insulin, cutting strip, short date of medicine, Injection, surgical items) will not be considered refundable.

4. How is the refund of my order done?

1. Raise return request.

2. Delivery personnel will collect the package from your doorstep.

3. Your order will be reviewed based on your reason for return.

After approval, we will initiate refund/replacement back to the same payment source if you had paid online or to your healthpharma.com.bd  website if you had paid by cash.

Note: If you want the return to be credited to your bank account instead of the healthpharma.com.bd website, please call the customer service team to get the same done.

5. If my order was canceled, can I reorder it?

Yes. You can reorder your medicine in case you have canceled it. We have made reordering very easy through our app. Select the order which has the medicines you want & there will be an option to reorder the medicines of that order. You can also modify the quantities while reordering.


Term and Policy updates

We reserve the right to change or update these terms and policies at any time by placing a prominent notice on our site. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting to this site.